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What is GiveHearts? makes and operates browser extensions that help charities, schools, churches, etc. earn money without asking their supporters to make actual cash donations.

Our program is free for non-profits & their supporters to use and usually takes less than 15 seconds to install.

How Does it Work?

Usually, when a user opens a new tab in their browser, they see the default blank page.

The GiveHearts add-on replaces that blank page with one that has a customizable background, a clock, local weather, and 2 or 3 ads along the bottom.  Those ads make money every time they’re seen.

Every time you open a new tab, you earn a “Heart”.  Once you’ve earned some Hearts, you can give those Hearts to the non-profit of your choice – and will send a cash donation to that non-profit.

How much money does GiveHearts make?

GiveHearts subtracts operating expenses before sending out donations to charities.

Currently, our operating expenses include:

Website & Browser Extension Hosting Cost

Marketing Cost

Software & Support Service Licencing Cost

Currently, no one at GiveHearts is taking a salary.  However, once we hit a point where we need to dedicate more time to this project, our commitment will be to limit all operating expenses, including payroll, to no more than 15% of total earnings.