EDU Program


The EDU Program enables schools & non-profits to expand and reach into an entirely new contribution channel by allowing parents and other supporters to make monetary donations via non-monetary actions.

Digital Fundraising Redefined

The EDU Program provides educational organizations and their supporters with free browser add-ons that generate monthly donations as users browse the web.

Ad-Supported Revenue

By integrating into supporters’ browsers, GiveHearts is able to create revenue generating ad placements where none existed before.  These placements, on average, create $2-$3 of monetary contributions per supporter per month while providing pleasant and user-customizable browser enhancements through the GiveHearts Add-On.


Better Interactions Through Continuous Contact

By remaining continually present on user browsers, GiveHearts is able to remind users of their contributions to and relationships with the schools they support.  Users are continually engaged by donating earned credits and regularly notified of credits they have chosen to automatically donate.  These pleasant and continuous interactions create positive associations between users and the schools they support.

Predictable Monthly Recurring Revenues

Linking charitable contributions to device usage creates an environment where continuous giving is easy, pleasant, and free.  GiveHearts add-ons, where user permitted, are tied to synchronized browser accounts, ensuring that extensions and contribution settings carry over even when old devices are replaced with new ones.  Users who remain happy with the non-profits they support are likely to drive monthly recurring revenue streams with relatively low churn and high stability.

Key Benefits

It’s free & requires no out-of-pocket contributions.

Setup for the non-profit takes minutes and requires little to no active participation.

It’s easy for supporters to use, with installation often taking less than 15 seconds.

Low user churn & ease of use deliver steady & passive monthly recurring revenue for schools.

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