About Us

Who We Are

GiveHearts is a small start-up in Los Angeles.  We’re developers, engineers, coders, analysts, mothers, fathers, and kids.  Some of us are right brainers.  Others are left brainers.  But we’re all passionate about at least one cause.  And we’re all doing our best to help those causes succeed.

Why We Do What We Do

It’s hard running a charity.  And it’s difficult to raise money to drive your mission.  There are some awesome tools out there that help charities source micro-donations.  A couple bucks here and there.  But micro-donations are tough – a lot is lost in credit card fees and not everyone can afford to donate…even a few bucks.  So we made a way for anyone to contribute to their charity of choice without having to reach for their wallet.

How We Do It

We spent a lot of time in the digital ad industry.  Buying ads, selling ads, and generally helping publishers and advertisers make a good chunk of change.  One day we thought, “Why don’t we use ads to make money for charity?”  And the rest is what you see now.  We serve ads to people who opt to see our ads and then we take the earnings from those ads and give them to charity.

Why You Should Join Us

We think it’s super cool that people can opt to see a couple of ads on a new  tab page and make money for their cause.  It’s like pulling money out of thin air.  Except we’re pulling money out of a web page.  🙂

While the employees at GiveHearts have their own favorite causes, GiveHearts is totally open to contributing to any non-profit its users support – this includes churches, charities, hospitals, research organizations, schools, etc.  (We only require that the recipients be registered 501(c)3’s.)

We hope to make a real difference with GiveHearts and we hope you join us for the journey by using, sharing, and spreading GiveHearts for your causes!